BAA Racing. We ride, we race, we have fun. Our bicycle accident attorneys, teammates, and club memebrs are out and about at competitive events throughout the country. Check our calendar to see the events they will be attending. Look for them and their booth for some sweet swag or to join them in a ride/race. Ben Dodge, founder of Bike Accident Attorneys, actively competes in full distance Ironman Triathlons, Century Tour Races, Cyclocross Races, Race Across the West, and much more. Furthermore, if you are in Arizona and would like to join Ben and his team on a training ride then check the schedule as they are typically riding 5-6 days per week. Most training rides are posted the night before on our team FaceBook page: Additionally, many of the events listed are State, Regional, or even National cycling events that Ben sponsors through Bike Accident Attorneys. Stop by any event below to ride, race, or visit with our attorneys and Bike Accident Race Team. Additionally, we are operating with our Team App that contains a comprehensive schedule of our events, rides, and more. Find it here: