This is all about riding long. Build your endurance. Do something epic. Climb mountains. We invite you to join us as we prepare for RAAM. Many of these “epic rides” have been a steady staple for our endurance racing team for some time. We are now organizing them into a single place with most of the relevant information all right here. For the most up to date information on meeting times, start locations, support, and more you MUST visit the team face book page event section. This is where we keep this info up to date:

We are extremely grateful this year to be supported by so many incredible sponsors. Check them out!

Gilbert AZ to Bartlett Lake AZ

Sat January 19th. Self supported ride to Bartlett lake and back. Approximately 165 miles. Epic endurance. Good times. Come hang out with us. Lay some miles down. Route is along this course:

Leaving Bashas at 6a sharp. Higley and Elliot: 99 S Higley Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85296. There will of course be gas station stops.

RAAM Sponsor Highlight: Cyclologic.

As always – check out the FB page for updated details.

Gilbert AZ to Globe AZ

Saturday Feb. 4th. Self Supported ride to Globe AZ. Leaving Bashas (Higley and Elliot 99 S Higley Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85296) at 4a sharp. 3 gas station stops. Flipping in Globe and coming back home. Epic ride. Great climbs.

Approximate route:

RAAM Sponsor Highlight: Sparks Systems

As always – check out the FB page for updated details.

Gilbert AZ to Payson AZ and Back

Saturday Feb. 23rd. Leaving Bashas (99 S Higley Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85296) sharp at 5:00am. A little ride up to Payson AZ. Possibly even turning around and riding home! Depends on weather and a few other factors. So anywhere form 80-160 miles! Good times. Come ride something epic!

May need to contribute to support on this one if you elect to join us…

Huge shout out to RAAM Sponsor K. Lund Mechanical for this ride in our BAA Epic Ride Series.

As always – check out the FB page for updated details.

Gilbert AZ to Mt. Lemmon

Sat. March 23rd.  Leaving Bashas (Elliot and Higley Rd.) at 3a sharp.

Semi supported ride – be ready to self support. Sag vehicle to follow us to Lemmon. Then we need to arrange rides home after we descend Lemmon. Some water and sag support along the way. Once the climb to Lemmon begins it will likely be a self supported ride. If you join us you will need to help arrange your own ride back to the valley. We can only provide so much support on this one. If there is enough interest we can all pith in and get a charter bus to take us back… but likely there will only be about 15-20 if us – so we will need to rely on friends and family bringing us back.

RAAM sponsor shout out: New York Bike Lawyers, Flanzig and Flanzig LLP

Approximate Route:

As always – check out the FB page for updated details.

Congress AZ to Flagstaff AZ

Invite only. Small group, fully supported ride. No less than 220 miles, and 17,000′ vert. May tackle more like 350 mils over 2 days…

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