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#BAAracing began because we wanted to have some fun. It is that simple. Everyone is welcome on our team regardless of your skill level. Our team is over 120 members now in several states, with the bulk of us in Arizona, followed by a large chunk in Utah. We have one simple and profoundly critical rule when joining our team: Please No Jerks Allowed. I almost laugh out loud when I say that, but for anyone who has been around cycling long enough you will eventually understand what I mean.

We have an incredible team culture where selflessness, teamsmanship, sportsmanship, positivity, encouragement, and plain ole fun are the core principles and values we strive to create and protect.

In all seriousness, we welcome everyone and go out of our way to support our teammates and club members. If you are an elite cyclist who is looking for a competitive group of teammates to challenge you and help you find a podium then you will fit right in. Likewise, if you are over weight, new to cycling, and are looking for a team or group of friends to stat cycling with and gain more experience without facing judgement… then you also found right the team.

BAA Racing has some of the fastest cyclists in the entire south west region of the United States. We also have plenty of beginners and folks who have zero interest in actually racing. Our team is comprised of elite racers and club/joy riders alike. Remember, we do this for fun. We love to ride, and we love the friendships we make while riding. Come join us. We welcome you on our team! Check the calendar at anytime to find one of our training rides or events we are competing in.


How Do I Join BAA Racing Team or Club?

Joining the Bike Accident Attorneys Racing Team is actually pretty easy. Once you are a team member you will be privy to exclusive benefits and discounts. The easy steps to joining our team or club are listed below.

In regards to the Team kit. Ben Dodge founded his own cycling apparel company to produce the highest quality cycling gear that you can possibly find. BAAracing Apparel was founded for the sole purpose of creating incredible racing apparel to be sold at cost to our club and team members. BAAracing kits are ordered a few times per year through our online team store and then custom made for you. Therefore there isn’t always an abundance of kits “in stock.” BAAracing Apparel has established a relationship with a manufacturer who makes the cycling kits of several big name pro peleton teams. We have the same fabric, chamois, and more that pro riders in le Tour de France are riding with. Pretty cool. The comparable priced pro kits usually sell for $400+ per kit in any retail venue. Ours are sold at cost to our team and club members of approximately $142-$150 per kit! You can learn more about our kits here.

Steps to Join the Team/Club:

1. Email Marc Muhlestein at to indicate your interest in joining either the club or the team.

2. FOR TEAM, Go to USA Cycling and purchase your cycling license declaring Bike Accident Attorneys as your team. A license is required in order to compete in USAC sanctioned races, and for our team insurance coverage, as well as access some of our sponsorship benefits reserved just for licensed team members. Once registered then email your license number and category info to Marc. **NOTE USAC licenses for 2018 aren’t available until December 1, 2017.

3. Order a team kit (unless you qualify for a free kit – see below) OR a team t-shirt (if you are already a member and have a team kit then you must only buy this season’s team t-shirt). We have no team dues. If you already have a team kit then you only need to order a team t-shirt. T-shirts for the new season will be sold on our Team Store. Our team and club kits are intentionally the same design. You can purchase them via our online team store. Other #BAAracing merch is also available for those interested in really geeking out on our cool stuff. The BAAracing Apparel Sizing chart is here. Like our firm page on Facebook and join our Team Facebook Group to be kept in the loop on when the next kit order will occur. Also, we do various Strava challenges, and end of year awards – go to out team Strava page as well and join there to be included in these awesome prizes. The team store link is here:

Free Kit: We love everyone who rides and races with us. It is such a cool community. We like to award those already on our team and those who are joining our team with a little Kit swag offer. Here are the basic ground rules for your free kit eligibility (**Note – we are no longer doing top 10 finish – some races only have 30 people):

  1. Only applies to cyclists who join the team and are licensed or will be with Bike Accident Attorneys official USAC team. Must show proof of license.
  2. If you Podium a race within the last year then you auto qualify for a free kit. Congrats, you’re a rock star.
  3. If you finish a race in the top 5% of finishers then you get a free kit. I.e. Tour de Mesa 2018 had 888 finishers. The top 5% would have put you in 44th or better position.
  4. If you finish in the top 10% you get a 25% discount on your kit.
  5. All free kit inquiries will be directed to our Membership Committee Chair Marc Muhlestein at Please provide your name, date of race, name of race, and finish position (i.e. Tom Liddell, 4/1/17, Tour de Mesa, 20/888). Marc will then provide you with your free coupon code for a free kit.
  6. Only one free kit per cyclist per season.

Team T-Shirt Info: In the past we have required that all new and existing members buy a team kit every single year to join the team. While many of us need to buy a new kit every year anyways, we understand that some cyclists may not need a new kit every year. Thus, this year we are only requiring the purchase of a team t-shirt. These are sold at $25.00. If you are new to joining the team and don’t already have a kit then you will need to buy a team kit as well; check here for more info. These t-shirts are the softest you can possibly buy. We love them. Choose male or female (female shirts are slimmer cut and have a v-neck). These are awesome.

4. Download and register for our Team App. Most of our communication will be conducted through this app. There are racer profiles, bios, links to sponsors, calendars, news, team deals, and more. Team App is restricted to team and club members only, so you will need to download it and request access. Once we verify your kit purchase and/or your USAC license purchase (USAC license only if you intend to join the team) then you will be granted access in the team app. BAA Racing Team App is here:

Find us on Team App



Every year we race LOTOJA. It is our most extensive team race. It takes a ton of logistical planning and support. The information below is for our team who race LOTOJA, and an opportunity for them to donate to the cause.

Donate to our LOTOJA CREW (t-shirts, ice, etc.)

$20 per racer donation will help cover the cost of our team wide sag crew: ice and gas, shirts for sag, snacks at the finish line, and more. Thanks for all you can do to help out.